Invest in Your Community


Join us in our mission to help girls and young women realize their capabilities in business and gain confidence to step into anything.  Your dollars go directly to help local young women in the Chicago area build confidence and become future business leaders. 

Whether sponsoring a student's tuition, meals, or contributing to our awards fund, every dollar is deeply important. Thank you for being part of our vision to build the future for women...today!  Your contribution will directly contribute to the growth, wellbeing, and development of our students.


Sponsor A Student and Make a Life Changing Difference

Many of our students come from difficult financial circumstances but still have the desire to attend our program. By sponsoring a student, you are helping support her business dreams and allowing her to attend our 21 week YEA! Class.

"[The YEA! Program] certainly has left a lasting impression on Susan*.  She is 15 now and has used her experience with YEA! and her wonderful mentors to have the confidence to apply to many other programs.  When she is interviewed and explains her life with YEA!, well, she's been accepted into everything she's applied for."

- Parent of YEA! Graduate

*Name has been changed


Sponsor A Class Meal and Fuel Body and Mind

We understand the importance of a healthy meal and its impact on the educational development of our children. Many of our students travel downtown to our program directly after school and are unable to secure a healthy meal. Since our program runs late into the evening, we want them to be able to focus on the content of the program and not worry about grumbling stomachs or eating a non-nutritious meal before class. 

We work closely with our catering partner to hand select well-rounded meals to sustain them.  A generous contribution will provide a meal for an entire YEA! class, helping these young women concentrate on creating their businesses instead of feeling hungry.